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We are designed to be Free men and Free women, living on the Land.   

This non-living modern system is alien to us and it is no wonder so many ‘persons’ are lazy, sick, depressed, suicidal, etc. Our intended life, was and is designed to be prosperous, to have simple rules, enabling self governance, resulting in peace and unity.

Many are waiting for the great, earth shattering NESARA/GESARA event. That may happen, however; in the meantime monies have been put into the Global Family Group, that has been made available to status corrected men & women. The Global Family Group not only clears debt, they issue Prosperity Cards and Credential Cards.

Welcome to the Global Family Group Empowering Your Financial Well-Being

The Global Family Group not only clears debt, they issue Prosperity Cards and Credential Cards. They further place monies into men’s and women’s accounts at set times.

Enhancing Your Financial Health

The Global Family Group (GFG) offers valuable services designed to improve your financial well-being. We clear debt, issue Prosperity Cards and Credential Cards, and regularly deposit funds into your account.

Ethics: There are individuals, who wish to take the monies, yet live as dead entities. Yes, if you have no morals, that may appear to suffice. However, the Global Family Group (GFG) application involves a Public Declaration of Political Status Established under International and National Law.

You will notice in the first paragraph of the said declaration “birthright standing”. What is “birthright standing”? You were born as a living minor. However your paperwork, declares you as dead. Here you have choice. You are either alive or dead, as far as your paperwork reflects. Your paperwork is seen by police, courts, banks, rentals, etc. They will treat you as your paperwork depicts.

It is strongly recommended that if your starting point is the GFG, that you also do your reconveyance/conveyance. It is your choice if you wish to do the minimal reconveyance or the “full armour” package. By doing your reconveyance, you are informing the justice system that you are living. You can then demand to be treated as a living wo/man as opposed to a fictional ‘person’.

Find friends: There is a Telegram chat group, for discussing any issue relating to Common Law and the AFD aspects. Contact me, and I will add you to the group.

Further info: The starting point is with your mind and choice. You have the choice of freedom or perks. Once you have made up your mind, then act on your intent.

Please note that information is constantly being updated, and the templates will take a while to be placed into a South African context. I highly recommend that you join in at the multiple discussions all over our beautiful earth as nearly all the information is basically the same.

We will be utilizing more from the Common Wealth countries as US has a reset date of 1776, however some of the US states have excellent teachings that supply a good base for knowledge.

Please if you can assist in any way, your help will be greatly appreciated.
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The Global Family Account

TASA (The American States Assembly) has produced national and international templates for all the necessitated scenarios. These templates are freely available. The Americans use the 1776 format and non Americans use the 928/528 format or a variation of the 928 depending on ones needs. Hence, it may be easier to obtain the 928 documents from another country such as Canada or Australis. That is where we get our templates from and we just make the necessary alterations.

That may sound simple, yet when following their instructions; they often use acronyms for example JP as ‘Justice of the Peace’. We use commissioner of oaths. They use ‘recorder’ as a Notary Public and not as a Public Notary, etc. If one is not aware of the acronyms, it can get confusing.

There are some brave men & women who have sufficient comprehension to fill out the free templates without any assistance. However, if you are unsure; then we advise to use our local educator who will use the correct acronyms, explain in Afrikaans if necessary, etc.

Our suggested starting point is with GFG (Global Family Group). This is an international declaration of your status. This will allow you to participate in their bank that includes other aspects such as Credential Cards, recording of documents, etc. However, this does not provide protection.

Should you wish to protect yourself, your offspring, your land, house, car, name, etc; one will need to do a reconveyance or conveyance. The absolute minimum protection is referred to as ‘G-string’ and maximum protection is the ‘Full Armour’. This is all part of the 928 package.

Should you wish to set up an express trust outside of government, reconvey your bank account, deny the tax man, etc; the Full Armour is strongly advised. The aspects such as expatriation differ from wo/man to wo/man and can be confusing.

You have the choice. Unfortunately all the education can not be done for free. Please drop the word ‘emancipation’ as the updated templates use reconveyance for non adoptive countries and conveyance for adoptive countries.

Our educator, Maxine, has created a step-by-step short course on Udemy. Please note that all these documents are available on the Global Family website, but if you require assistance and ensure that you complete your documentation correctly, please enrol HERE.

Meets and Bounds

Terra South Alkebula (South Africa), is the southernmost country of Africa. It is bounded to the south by 2,798 kilometres (1,739 mi) of coastline that stretches along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. To the north by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe; and to the east and north-east by Mozambique and Eswatini (Swaziland). It also completely enclaves the country Lesotho.

Total surface area: 1,221,037 square kilometres
Land area of 1,214,470 square kilometres
Water area of 4,620 square kilometres.
The water area is 0.38% of surface area
The waterways are not used for moving large cargo vessels.

The meets and bounds of Terra South Alkebula (South Africa), starting from the furthest western point of the landmass; being where the Orange River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. From that point the landmass follows a south, south – west direction until the most Southern point of the Alkebula (Africa) continent. This is not a straight line as it follows the coastline. From this point the coastline follows the general direction of north – west until we get to the southern border of Mozambique.

The Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Namibia border:
Following the northern boundary of Terra South Alkebula (South Africa), one starts again at the Orange River mouth and follows the Orange River east until the 20th meridian east (This east is the meridian east). Then the Namibia boundary continues due north until the Nossob River. This is the tripoint with Botswana & Namibia.

The border now becomes the Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Botswana border:
From this terminus the border runs south-east along the Nossab River to its confluence with the Molopo River. From the confluence the border runs generally eastwards along the Molopo River as far as the Ramatlabama Spruit, and then up the Spruit as far as the pool at Ramatlabama.

From Ramatlabama, the border turns northwards and is made up of a series of straight lines through beacons at Matlhase, Sebataole, Schaapkuil and Pytlanganyane to Sengoma on the Ngotwane River. It then follows the Ngotwane River past Ramotswa to its confluence with the Metsemaswaane Stream. The border turns eastwards along a series of straight lines joining beacons on the Moshweu Hills, Wildebeeskop and the Sikwane Hills to Derdepoort on the Marico River. It then follows the Marico River to its confluence with the Crocodile River. The Marico and the Crocodile join to form the Limpopo River, and the border runs along the Limpopo to its confluence with the Shashe River, which is the tripoint with Zimbabwe.

The border now becomes the Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Zimbabwe border and continues in an easterly direction. The frontier follows the course of the Limpopo River for its entire length as was defined in the late nineteenth century. The location of the eastern tripoint with Mozambique is not entirely certain; it is situated either at the confluence of the Luvuvhu River, or at a point nearby in the Limpopo defined by beacons on the Mozambique–Zimbabwe border.

The border now becomes the Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Mozambique border. The border runs in a straight line from this tripoint to the Shingwedi River, and then along a series of straight lines joining beacons generally along the top of the eastern slope of the Lebombo Mountains. It crosses the Olifants, Sabie and Komati rivers. This segment of the border terminates at the northern Eswatini tripoint at the Mpundweni Beacon near Namaacha.

The border now becomes the Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Eswatini border. This border is also a disputed border of 444 kilometers (276 miles). From the first, northern tripoint with Mozambique going in a near full circle – anticlockwise. The second tripoint is about 120 kilometers south of its 1st tripoint. And again Terra South Alkebula shares a border with Mozambique.

The border now again becomes the Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) – Mozambique border. This tripoint is situated at Abercorn Drift in the Usutu River (Maputo River), where the Mozambique–Eswatini border along the Lebombo Mountains meets the river. From here the border follows the Usuthu River to its former confluence with the Pongola River; the location of the confluence has changed since the border was demarcated. The border then runs in an easterly direction along straight lines joining beacons generally at the same latitude as the Usutu-Pongola confluence (approximately 26° 52′ South). It meets the Indian Ocean below Monte Ouro peak, just to the south of Ponta do Ouro.

This brings us back to the 3rd paragraph, at the same point.

Extending for 1,115 km, the Lesotho–Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) boundary mainly follows rivers and watersheds. Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa and does not share boundaries with any other countries. The border was first established during the colonial era, mostly by British powers, and has not changed since independence. Lesotho and South Africa do not appear to dispute the current course of the boundary, and there is little information available regarding any modern demarcation efforts.

Taking an approx centre point of Lesotho gives it as -29.4559644 28.2746050.

References: https://sovereignlimits.com and wikipedia.

Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) has never had full independence as an entire landmass.
The Khoe-Sān ethnic group had full independence in the southern Cape until 1652 with the arrival of the Dutch East India Company and Jan van Riebeeck as administrator. This corporation ran the political affairs of the southern Cape. As men/women later fled the corporations control, they migrated north and north-east and met Bantu ethnic groups migrating south at different places.

Although there were various treaties made, it appears that Britain ignored these treaties and took over the political landscape, with Terra South Alkebula (South Africa) being a vassal to Britain post the 2nd Boer war until 1910. By this stage there were already a few huge corporations running the political affairs. Independence in 1961 did not give full independence, as the country continued to be governed by corporations.

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